Spork Press presents

by Matt L. Roar

My War


109 pages

perfect bound

perfect book

$18 pre-order here

available June 14


“...Roar takes on loaded subjects with grace and startling beauty, but what we feel is terror, the ways in which children bring themselves up, try to propel their own lives one skate at a time. And always the wall ahead put up by speculators to keep kids down. That’s My War and that’s the truth of the matter, as you’ve never understood it this completely.” —Kevin Killian

Spork Press presents

by Felicity Fenton and Drew Burk

Elegy for My Art Monster


77 pages

perfect (hand) bound

$18 pre-order here

available June 14


A book that “starts nowhere, does nothing, then ends...”, Elegy tries and fails to make peace,
tries and fails to blame, to make sense... of how they got from there to here, then to now. A book
of elision, it is the result of a couple years of a shared document, honesty and biography getting
fictionalized through the intrusions and inclusions of each of the authors upon the other, with
each of them uncertain in some cases just who wrote what. Narrative but plotless, a meditation
that realizes it doesn’t need to tell you anything, but it makes some sounds and digs some holes,
hoping to trip you, and perhaps keep you, for a bit while it tells you anyway.